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Asian Car BrandsHighlander Hybrid was left idling, now it won't start

Highlander Hybrid was left idling, now it won’t start


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Q: I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid that was running well. About a month ago, I left it running and forgot about it. When I realized I left it running, I went to the car. It had stopped. There was little fuel in the vehicle at the time I left it running. Now, the battery does not charge. It appears the battery is dead, and fuel has run out. Should I put in a new battery and a few gallons of gas and expect it to run? Or should I take it to a mechanic to be fixed? Or must it go to the dealership?

Replacing the battery and adding fuel should get the engine running.

A: A repair shop will do exactly what you were going to do to see if there are other problems. Replacing the battery and adding fuel should get the engine running.

If it seems fine – and due to the extended idling – an oil and filter change would be my next step and, hopefully, all is OK.

Q: I have a low-mileage 2006 Tundra 4×4 and hope to keep it for another decade, or more. To accomplish this, I am wondering if it is best to replace the automatic transmission fluid or just keep it rolling?

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