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2022 Chevy Equinox Receives $ 2,000 Price Increase

The 2022 Chevy Equinox – the LS trim – will come at a starting MSRP of $ 26,995 including a $ 1,195 destination charge. Cars Direct believes that the higher price point is a result of the American automaker discontinuing the entry-level L trim.

Keen readers will note that this is $ 2,000 more than the 2021 Equinox L, but that would be an indirect comparison. The previous 2021 Equinox LS started at an MSRP of $ 27,595 which makes the current LS model look quite approachable. Despite there being no more L variant, all of the trim levels will actually receive a price cut.

This means that the LT trim is down $ 700 from $ 28,795 to $ 28,095 and the range-topping Equinox Premier is down $ 500 from $ 32,695 to $ 32,195. Therefore, when you take a closer look at the numbers, this price increase actually isn’t a massive deal.

It’s no surprise that things get complicated in a hurry when looking at the semantics. To offer some perspective, General Motors introduced a number of base models in 2015 to undercut the competition. While it was initially successful, entry-level models including the Equinox L were excluded from price incentives. This means that these types of vehicles were mostly used as pawns for advertising purposes.

Sure, the mild ok increase may push away buyers that are looking for a set of wheels at the lowest possible number. However, it could be a great incentive for repeat customers that are looking for a slight upgrade. Cars Direct noted a “percentage off” deal where you could potentially buy an Equinox LS, receive $ 3,500 off MSRP, and spend $ 1,000 less than you would for the 2021 L model – which isn’t eligible for any incentives.

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